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Challenges or dares against friends, rivals and e even celebrities

Earn Rewards and Bragging Rights

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Choose Your Interests

Set up your profile. Then choose your interests/hobbies by selecting from 15 Categories. Challenges and competitions under the selected categories will display on your homepage.

Make Competitions Fun

Upload videos or photos to competitions created by you to challenge celebrities, friends, family, rivals and more. Join in on competitions created by others. Audition for your favorite TV show from home! Challenge your favorite Celebrities! Go public with your challenge and the world can join in. Go private with your challenge and invite up to 15 other users to participate. Bet or Wage profile coins against other users. Receive Recognition! Go Viral!

View Competitions

View or search for competitions from your homepage. Select a challenge and view the content. Vote for the best. Leave comments. The next user’s content in the queue will populate the spot that did not receive a vote. Repeats these steps and/or join in on the challenge.

Create! Compete! Trend!

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The videos are displayed in a head to head (VS) format. In order to vote, the user has to view each video first. After viewing the content the user can vote on the best content. Users receive 1 profile coin for every vote placed and 2 profile coins for every vote received.

Earning Coins

Coins are added to your profile by participating in the voting process and by receiving votes in competitions. 1 coin will be added to your profile for voting and 2 coins will be added for receiving votes. Coins can be waged against other users, purchase goods and merchandise through the app, and determine a user’s skill level.

Winning Competitions

Rules, description, title and duration of the challenge will be established by the user who creates the challenge. This information will be displayed on each challenge. The user with the most votes when the challenge has reached its duration, WINS PRIZES!!!!! BRAGGING RIGHTS AND MORE!!!!! Content that doesn’t follow the app or competition rules can be reported and removed.